onsdag den 23. maj 2007

The Boys are back in town!!

What a trip to split! Wauw! (for the uninformed Split is a city in the south of Croatia) we basically made a city sightseeing combined with a pub crawl and a mingling advanced adventure from saturday night till monday night. relaxing? not really...! fun? definitely!!
- the view before ariving the city!

We had talked with some of our friends in Mostar about split, they said: -You just go to Gettobar in old town and ask for Marko. then you give him this note and if he is in a good mood you will have a place to sleep! Maybe he will say Ciao! maybe not... - And so we did... after a while with getting lost in the old time, asking for directions and meeting nice people, we finally found Gettobar and started to ask for Marko. -he was sleeping they said. Okay, then we will sleep at the beach. We sad down and had a beer and enjoyed the new surroundings. Suddenly a girl asked: -You looking for Marko? we said yes. -then witch Marko are you looking for? -we said: we dont know... we meat some people in Mostar...AAAAAAAHHHH Mostar Marko!!!! she yelled out and two seconds later a big and friendly man named Marko said CIAO! -we told him who we were, and he said, ya ya! of course you can sleep in my flat... And then we had a place to sleep... Nice nice...It’s Nice (in true Borat stile)! thanks Marko and thank to Feda and Nedim from Abrasevic-Mostar.
-Split By night on the way home first night.

Spit was a fantastic city! with a view over the Mediterranean sea and mountains surrounding the city Anders and me just laughed all the time. We ran into two amazing people named Igor and Martina. They worked in a bar called Mosquito in the old town, a place to visit again. Extremely friendly and kind! they told us about the city and gave recommendations about where to go and so on. this is how they look! -good looking nice people in split!

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