fredag den 11. maj 2007

the day before the day...

...the 11th of May

Abrasevic was once again the meeting spot for the different student council members. Søren and Anders went there by 9.30 to meet with them and high jack people for the interviews next week. The meetings were spread all over the day, so every time there was a break, we could work on the workshop for tomorrow. Luckily the young people we are in contact with are very eager to participate, and it all gives us good hope and energy.

While the boys where having meetings and playing table tennis, Nanna and Hedvig picked up Valentinas keys so we could finish the laundry project from the day before. You so certainly forget how much time and planning laundry needs, when you are not provided with a washing machine, we are lucky that we have meet Valentina. Lets hope there will be enough underwear for the rest of the time here.

We had two great phone calls today. The first one was from LDA telling that we would get 100€ for the photo exhibition from the municipality. The second one was the permission for the exhibition on the Spanish square. We have to move the date till the 24th of May though, but that will work as well. Now we have to be very creative on how to exhibit the photos in a funky and interactive way. We have invited Abrasevic to put up a bar at the exhibition, so they can earn a little money as well, and help create a nice atmophere.

Before heading home we went to the high school and checked the rooms for tomorrow, all materials and the person with the key…
The evening has been set of for rehearsing the elements of the workshop and eating great dinner (which Hanne cooked us, thanks).
We have to be at the school 8 o clock tomorrow, so unfortunately this will be a very quiet Friday night. The workshop will run from 9 to 4.30. We are all very exited.

The boys have been buying new flip flops to day, and Hedvig and Nanna have got red shoulders. It is so warm here and it is a challenge not to become too lazy and chill in the shade.

The word of today goes hand in hand with chilling and sun. The boys were showing their “S L A S K E B R Æ T” while drinking a beer in the warm afternoon. (the work can not be translated, but it means something in the sence of af sixpack in bad shape). -though i'm not sure this picture shows.

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