tirsdag den 15. maj 2007

The drunken & handicapped guy.

Sunday the 13th of May

We met up at Abrasevic around 3pm to go through the photo workshop on Monday. Apparently they are not open on Sundays so we got kicked out and went to Budda bar instead. We had a quit informal meeting about the workshop, who should help Hanne and what should be changed based on the experience from Saturday.
The new blog for the student was discussed as well, how much should we interact we it?
We decided that Hedvig and Søren would join Hanne, while Anders and Nanna would take care of a lot of practical stuff.
Hanne left to join some French people in a Roma camp outside of Mostar. The rest of the group went to the west side to find a restaurant.
We haven’t been that much in that area since we live in the other, I guess. But it feels a bit like entering an other city. Coming from the old part of town this is much more modern (not necessary more charming).
On our way in search for a place to eat Søren wanted to help a drunken handicapped guy of the street. The guy got very angry an yelled after us in Bosnien, the only word we understood was “fuck you”. We looked a bit confused on each other started then to walk again. Apparently the guy started to follow us yelling all kinds of things. We did understand anything, but it was clear that he tried to “communicate” to us, since all the people around first looked at him then at us with a funny look in their face. First we laughed a bit about it and kept walking but along the way the walking became more of an escape. He got more and more aggressive and we got more and more confused. Randomly we went by a police station and some of the policemen tried to get him away. Unfortunately we had in our escape got a bit of the main street, so now there were no place to eat – damn, we had to go back. The guy cut eye of us again, and we just made it into a restaurant before a bottle went through the air and crushed in front of our feet.
We got a great meal and laughed about the whole situation.
Back in the apartment we met up with Hanne and went through the program for the next day.

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