tirsdag den 22. maj 2007

Just another Monday....

The guys were still in Split and from reading at the blog it sounded like they were doing just fine!
Our dear beloved 5th memeber of the group, Hanne left this morning, she had to go back to DK for exam.
So back in the appartment were only Nanna and Hedvig, we started the day by reading through some more interviews and making the headlines for the exhibition. When that was more or less done we went out to take care of some practical stuff, first we stopped by the photo shop where are going to develop most of the pictures- had a nice little chat with the guy there and agreed on that we would come tomorrow and develop the pictures.
Then we headed over to the radio Mostar and agreed on meeting tomorrow with the radio ladie and a translator.
After that we went to the first and best cafe in the shade, we needed something cold to drink- it was so hot and we had totally miscalculated weather when we went out. It looked kind of cloudy and not really warm so we took jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt on, wrong choice I can tell you.. Our damn scandinavian minds that are useed to that it´s not really warm when the sun is not shining..
Anyway in some mysterious way we still managed to survive the day, we got a lot of things done- some more writing on the report as well as the research rapport.. we even developed a new model; "stairway to heaven"! you´ll hear more about it later, it´s still in the development phase.

So that´s all for us today, another beatiful day has passed!

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